World’s 10 top watch brands

World’s 10 top watch brands
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Story Dated : November 8, 2015

Watches reflect passion, status and depict an individual’s attitude. If you’re looking for top watches 2015, there are plenty of exclusive and trendy brands to choose from. With plenty of technology features, watches are now multipurpose gadgets that people love to wear not only for routine use but on special occasions such as parties and weddings. If you’re looking for the best watches 2015 that will not only complement your look but come loaded with great tech features to modernize your experience, we’re going to cover several that you want to check out!

Below are the 10 top wrist watches 2015 that you should check out. These brands are sure to have the right one for you.

  1. ROLEX Watches

Rolex is a well known brand founded in the year 1919 by Hans Wilsdrof in England. His watches were named Rolex because he wanted them to have an easy name that was simple to remember and pronounce in any language. Rolex is a status symbol for men who love to be associated with success and men love technology as well. Rolex famous brands include Explorer, Datejust, Deepsea, Day Date and many others. Rolex is also known to be the first brand to launch gadgets with water resistant technology.


  1. Omega Watches

Louis Brandt in 1848 founded the Omega brand of watches. This wrist watch features on top watches 2015 because it’s the only brand with a marine chronometer which is certified. What makes this watch popular is famous actor James Bond wore it. It was also the first watch to explore space and reach the moon. Technology enthusiasts love it not only because of its numerous exclusive features but also its top notch quality and innovative design architecture. The Swiss manufacture has obviously done a lot in terms of boosting its technology prowess and offering a variety of models that include women’s watches as well.


  1. Bulova Watches

For those looking for luxury brands, Bulova is listed among the best watches in 2015 to watch out for. The brand was named after its founder Joseph Bulova in 1875. The wide range and designs made Bulova a darling for Americans. Everyone loves the timepiece; its modern and technology compliant. New York City is home to the headquarters of Bulova and the watch is found in various retail stores around the globe. This watch manufacturing entity received a major boost after the invention of Accutron. Later in 2008, Citizen purchased the brand.


  1. Casio Watches

Since 1974, Casio has had a strong presence in the manufacturing industry. A major strong point associated with Casio watches is that they have the capability to automatically display and update the date every month and year. Casio is a well respected, high quality brand listing for best wrist watches because it was the first to blend both analog and digital technology in timepieces. This watch brand is popularly known for creative technology innovations, designs and accurate timekeeping. There are various models that fall under the Casio trademark and they include; Data Bank, Sports, Pro Trek, Wave Captor, Sports Gear, Classic, Dress and many more.


  1. Hublot Watches

Carlo Crocco in 1976 founded the Hublot brand. Apparently, this is one of the youngest and most luxurious top watches 2015. Hublot is known for its impeccable style and exquisite designs. Most importantly, a lot of people will remember that Hublot joined the fame list after it was declared the official watch for the FIFA world cup. King Power, Classic Fusion, Master Piece and Big Bang are some of the popular models in this brand.


  1. Breguet Watches

Breguet is amongst the famous best watches 2015 that belong to the category of luxury watches. Breguet was founded by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1775. Tourbillon is the technology used to develop this brand and is a mechanism aimed at improving accuracy by escaping gravity. Fortunately, these men watches 2015 come in various colors. The smart technology incorporated in the timepieces enables users to have a distinguished attitude and status. Creativity used in the designs has propelled them to great heights of success within short periods of time adequately satisfying the needs of customers.


  1. Patek Philippe Watches

Numerous watch lovers recognize this watch as a top notch brand. Patel Philippe is the most luxurious and expensive brand in men watches. When compared to others, this brand is highly considered to be top and high end. Patek Philippe watches are manufactured using 18 carat gold and has the capability to add a day to every February that falls on a leap year. Grand Complications, Gondolo, Aquanet and Complications among others are popular models under Patek Philippe.


  1. IWC Watches

IWC has been around for a long time and qualifies to have a spot as one of the top watches of the year. This is a popular and top notch quality brand whose existence dates back to 1868. IWC is a product of a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer. Some of the features associated with this watch are minute repeater, moon phase display and perpetual calendar among others. Richemont Group is associated with the brand and popular IWC models include Da Vinci, Aquatimer Chronograph Edition, Galapagos Islands and many others. IWC are considered to be the pioneers of technology known for creating exquisite masterpieces that have been carefully engineered with exclusive designs.


  1. Tag Heuer Watches

This is another Switzerland band founded by Edouard Heuer in 1860. Hollywood and sports celebrities have been on several occasions spotted wearing this watch. This brand is one of the famous wrist watches brand whose top notch technology capabilities and fashion appeal is loved by the masses. This brand has won several awards to recognize technology prowess and innovativeness in designs. Tag Heuer has always excelled in coming up with modern watch making technologies that bring together expertise, experience and creativity.


  1. Oakley Watches

On the top watches 2015 list is Oakley, a renowned global icon that commands a lot of respect and inspiration in the watch making system. These classy timepieces have been developed with perfection and creativity. The classy models get everyone excited especially with the unbelievable excellence in craftsmanship.