Women can now have a safe ride with the help of ‘Pink auto’

Women can now have a safe ride with the help of ‘Pink auto’
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Story Dated : August 3, 2017

An upcoming mobile application-based passenger service from Kolkata, TYGR has teamed up with pink autos to provide mobile based services. The application-based service scheduled to commence from this month. Women will now have chance the book a pink auto from their mobile phones in case they are stuck somewhere late in the evening and are unable to get any public transport.

“Pink autos were launched to provide a hassle-free travel alternative to Ranchi’s women. TYGR will significantly improve the safety of passengers travelling within the city,” Aditya Poddar, founder and chief executive officer of the service, said. TYGR’s officials claimed that their tie-up with pink autos has created India’s first application based passenger service dedicated to women.

Ten pink autos have been roped in under this service. Passengers can book autos present within a three-kilometre-radius of their location. An official from the company, Sanjeev Singh said, “The base price per ride will be affordable for everyone and services will be provided from 9am till 9pm.”