Tourist mistakes Municipality office for shopping mall in Dubai

Tourist mistakes Municipality office for shopping mall in Dubai
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Story Dated : August 3, 2017

Remember the time when a tourist wanted to book a hotel and approached a Dubai Police station? Well another tourist story has occurred in Dubai, this time in Dubai Municipality.

A French man and his wife who were tourists in the city entered Al Kifaf Centre near Zabeel Park belieiving it to be a mall. It does say Centre out front which is the common name for several malls in the UAE (hint: City Centres). The couple were looking to have lunch after spending time around Zabeel Park and with Dubai Municipality’s building looking every bit of fancy – it’s hard not to think it is a shopping mall.

The duo, however, was left surprised when officials inside the building kindly told them that it was a Municipality office and not a mall. DM’s caption on Instagram attributed the misconception with their ‘7-star service in terms of cleanliness and high quality standards.’

This harkens back to an event last month where a tourist mistook Al Muraqqabat Police Station for a hotel. He wanted to book two rooms for a month when a cop has politely told him: “Sorry sir, this is not a hotel; this is a police station,” to the surprise of the man.