This Bengaluru Restaurant Generates Zero Waste And Here Is How They Do It

This Bengaluru Restaurant Generates Zero Waste And Here Is How They Do It
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Story Dated : August 29, 2017

Bengaluru generates around 5,000 tonnes of garbage every day.

Unfortunately, a lot of this trash, which can be used for other purposes as well, gets wasted due to improper segregation and disposal.

Of all the city’s offenders, restaurants often receive a lot of flak for the waste they produce and how it’s treated.

But here is an eatery that cannot be accused of shabby waste management – New Krishna Bhavan on Sampige road.

Run by Gopinath Prabhu, the restaurant attracts about a 1000 people every day, generating about 400 kgs of waste. After multiple run-ins with the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) about the way the municipal corporation segregates, collects, and disposes of waste, an annoyed Prabhu decided to resolve the issue himself.

Today, with no help from the BBMP, the restaurant handles its garbage disposal on its own, wasting no waste and thereby earning the tag of a ‘zero-waste’ eatery.

Prabhu said that waste is segregated into three categories – dry and wet, and coffee-tea sediments. Dry waste is collected by rag pickers, while the wet waste is fed to pigs on a nearby farm.

As for the sediments of coffee and tea – they make their way to a compost pit in a park across the road.

A lot of perfectly edible food made its way to the trash cans a while ago. “We used to order a fixed quantity of goods every day regardless of how much was used. We reduced that after we realised how much was going to waste. Leftovers from our kitchen that doesn’t qualify as waste are given to the poor and the needy,” said Prabhu.

‘Reduce, reuse and recycle’ is the mantra Prabhu goes by today. He started the exercise three years ago, fed up with the BBMP’s arbitrary rate revisions and unreliability.