These are the common reasons for diabetes in children

These are the common reasons for diabetes in children
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Story Dated : December 5, 2017

Diabetes is one of the most common lifestyle diseases in adults. However, with changing lifestyle trends, the disease is no longer restricted to adults. An increasing number of children in India are also being affected by diabetes. While unhealthy eating patterns is one of the common cause for it, there are more reasons that can up the risk of diabetes in kids.

Reasons for diabetes in kids

1. Constant cold: When your body contracts a common ailment like cold, your immune system produces antibodies in order to fight, leaving it exhausted. With the antibodies getting consumed to destroy the cold, insulin production goes down, resulting in diabetes.

2. Viral infections: Viral infections can be a trigger for Type I diabetes as they destroy insulin producing cells. However, this is not a common cause of diabetes and occurs only in case of a history of low immunity.

3. Lack of physical activity: Little to no physical activity decreases the functioning of the cells that are responsible for insulin production. Consequently, blood sugar levels are affected, leading to diabetes.

4. Excessive eating: Eating carbohydrates which are easily absorbed by the body and convert into stored fat, like sugar, chocolate, sweets and farinaceous products can increase the load on pancreatic gland. Gradual exhaustion of the insulin cells leads to diabetes.

5. Hereditary: The chances of a child being diagnosed with diabetes are higher when either or both parents have the condition. In such cases, babies have a higher chance of being born with diabetes or contracting the disease between the ages of 25 to 50. It is also important for women to keep their blood sugar under control when pregnant, as the placenta absorbs sugar and can imbue the fetus with it.