The shortest flight lasts for just 53 seconds

The shortest flight lasts for just 53 seconds
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Story Dated : September 20, 2017

Even on a good day, catching a flight can be a torturous affair. First the long way to the airport, then one queue after another, till you get to wait some more, before finally boarding the flight. If you have especially rotten luck, chances are your flight will be in queue to take off as well. What follows usually tests your endurance as you fidget and turn in that cramped space before landing at your destination a couple of hours later.

But what if there is a flight that could take off and land even before you could adjust the seat belt?

In fact, there is one such flight. It connects Westray and Papa Westray in Scotland and takes less than a minute, at times taking around 2 minutes, depending on the direction of the wind. The shortest flight on that route lasted for 53 seconds.  This flight, run by Loganair, a Scottish airline, charges each passenger Rs 1,400 for a one-way journey.

Airplane services on this route began in 1967 and cover a distance of 2.7 km. Papa Westray, home to around 90 people also has around 60 archaeological sites. Thus, most of the passengers heading to Papa Westray are teachers, students, medical professionals, and people addressing such other emergencies.

However, tourists also do not mind spending Rs 1,400 to experience the shortest flight in the world. It is bound to be a joyride.