The New-Age Innovators

The New-Age Innovators
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Story Dated : December 8, 2017

The new world embraces innovation. Fresh ideas have become the spirit of our times. Ivanka Trump has recently visited India as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, a gathering of young innovators and investors. The glitter and high-profile PR of the event aside, what it brings to fore is the readiness of our time to accept novelty, youth and freshness. The flat world around us is in search of young entrepreneurs.

In tune with this trend for young blood, India now lay stress on start-ups. A whole page of Time of India, one of the prime newspapers in the country, is reserved for showcasing talented originators of start-ups and innovative ventures. In olden times, traditionally owned family business firms were in focus. These were handed down from one generation to another. These were Birlas, Tatas, and Ambanis.

With the emergence of new-age IT entrepreneurship, a firm like Infosys came to the scene, which has rewritten the very concept of ownership. In fact, what was owned is not the asset or the products. But it was rather an idea. Information technology is itself an idea. An idea of using technology for social change. As a country enriched with abundant human resources, India has had much to offer to other countries, especially the west. Information technology erased the concept of borders. Without migration, people were able to do job from home and send their services to far distances. This process of transnational outsourcing came be known as entrepreneurship.

Earlier, it took a century for a new idea of entrepreneurship to take roots. Now we have only the span of a decade or half the decade for now firms to come up and earn their names. We have heard about the success of Amazon. When Amazon was in the budding stage, an innovative firm like Flipkart came to fore which enchanted a generation of people who do e-shopping. In tune with the crazy drive for digital banking, we have had applications like PayTM. Uber has changed the way we travel by taxi.

There should be more and more successful tales in future. The young blood should come up with new ideas to change the world. All governments in the world have certain limitations. Politicians would promise you jobs. But the government could not generate as many jobs as are required by the rising number of youngsters. So those promises ultimately become empty. Newer jobs would only be generated by creativity in all walks of life. So newer ideas, entrepreneurship and innovation are the ways to the future.

This column will bring to you many successful, creative entrepreneurship stories. We will narrate the tale of young entrepreneurs, of their innovative ideas, of their firms, and of their products and services. That will give us insight into the way they changed the society and economy; the way their creativity made an effect in the lives around. Above all, we hope that the new generation will have many things to learn from them. And the holds the key for solving all riddles of our time.

Shahir Ismail