These 4 Foods Will Do A Lot Of Harm To Your Heart

These 4 Foods Will Do A Lot Of Harm To Your Heart
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Story Dated : October 6, 2017

It is a known fact that too much sugar in the body is not really good for health. However did you know that consuming too many foods that has high level of sugar in it can also be harmful for your heart.

In a recent study conducted it was found out that drinking soft drinks or eating all your favorite sweets excessively will put you at an increased risk of heart diseases. This study was published in the journal of Clinical Science. It showed that people who consumed foods high in sugar content, their fat was stored in the liver.  It changes a person’s fat metabolism and that increases all your cardiovascular diseases.

The researchers conducted their study on two groups of men. One group was on high level of fat and the other on low level of fat. These two groups were given food with high or low sugar content. So it was found out that people who consumed high sugar diet had 650 calories consumed, which much above the recommended intake number. Now this is an alarming finding, because people of this generation consume a lot of fizzy drinks and desserts that have high sugar levels. This can bring harm to your heart and put you are at the risk of serious heart diseases at a young age.

Here are 5 worst foods for your heart.


Sugars in soda cause inflammation and increase a person’s blood sugar level. So the less soda you drink, the healthier your heart is.


Anything that has table sugar, maple syrup, brown sugar or any artificial sweetener is anyway bad for the heart. And when it is baked dessert goods, it creates increased stress in oxidatives. It can lead to clogged arteries, heart failure and even hypertension.

Refined carbs

Refined carbs usually has additives that are not going to be of any use to your heart, So if you love ketchup or any kind of salad dressing, then you know you are harming your heart.

Coffee creams

Okay, this one is bad news for all you coffee lovers, especially if you love your coffee with that extra bit of cream. It is said that coffee creams can also be harmful to the heart because they have trans-fat.