Leonardo DiCaprio to ‘grow’ diamonds

Leonardo DiCaprio to ‘grow’ diamonds
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Story Dated : November 17, 2015

Silicon Valley: Leonardo DiCaprio (along with a handful of Silicon Valley VIPs) just invested in a startup that claims it can ‘grow’ real diamonds weighing up to nine carats each in weeks. Carrying pieces from over 20 independent jewelry designers, these gems aren’t just special because Leo had a hand in their creation they’re also conflict-free.

The business aims to set a new standard for the diamond industry, which, as the company website states, “has been stained by human-rights abuses, child labor, ecological destruction, cartel-like pricing, and [diamonds with] untraceable provenance.”

With technology developed by a team of MIT, Princeton, and Stanford engineers, the California-based lab produces stunning diamonds that not only sparkle like industrially mined gems, but also leave just about a zero carbon footprint. It’s no surprise that the Prius-driving Blood Diamond actor has such good taste.