iPhone 8 splits open while being charged

iPhone 8 splits open while being charged
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Story Dated : October 3, 2017

Within a week of going on sale, the Apple iPhone 8 is again in news, and not for the best reasons. There have been a few reports of the iPhone 8 duo splitting updue to some alleged battery issue. There was one such case reported in Japan, and one in Taiwan. And earlier today, Apple has acknowledged the issue, and said that it is investigating the cause of the issue. Apple said, that it is “looking into” reports that customers in Asia have seen their new iPhones split apart while charging them.

In one case, the user was charging her iPhone 8 – using an official Apple adapter – when she said the phone suddenly snapped apart. In the other case, an iPhone 8 Plus owner tweeted photos of his new phone with the screen practically popping off due to a “swollen battery”. According to the owner, the phone was damaged before he even opened the box.

However, at this point, it is important to note, that the number of reported incidents is relatively small, which can be counted down to two as of now. This in turn is indicative of a possible manufacturing defects. And that is why it would be wrong to categorize these incidents as a larger design issue like the one that forced a recall of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7  last year.