CBSE Students Can Send Feedback To The Board If They Did Not Like The Question Paper !

CBSE Students Can Send Feedback To The Board If They Did Not Like The Question Paper !
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Story Dated : January 26, 2018

It is a familiar sight, outside most examination halls. Students spilling out of rooms, huddling together, and discussing the paper. It always turns out that there were some tough questions, some easy ones, the dreaded ones, and finally, the ones which were out of the prescribed syllabus. Now, instead of just cribbing among themselves, CBSE students can send feedback to the board.

CBSE examinees of Class X and Class XII, now have access to an observation system, which allows them to send feedback, in case they have any issues with their question paper. They can send in their comments and feedback, within 24 hours of the exam.

The CBSE Board has issued a circular regarding this, and here is where you can find the copy, which mentions the guidelines, and everything else, the student needs to keep in mind.

The move has been welcomed by students. Snigdha Rani Patra, a student of Class XII, said, “Earlier, there was no direct way of informing the board about any problem or mistake with the question paper. Through this method, one can directly reach the board, and I am hopeful that they will look into the matter during the evaluation, so that and students do not have to suffer.”

The circular also outlines other important guidelines, concerning teachers and evaluation work. As per the circular, if a teacher selected for evaluation work doesn’t attend the process, there is a possibility of the school being disqualified.

It looks like the CBSE is taking all steps to ensure that the students have a smooth journey, during their board exams!