Asia’s smallest surviving baby is from Rajasthan !

Asia’s smallest surviving baby is from Rajasthan !
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Story Dated : January 13, 2018

When she was born, nobody thought she would fight against all odds and survive.  A few months ago, a new-born from Rajasthan weighed only 400 gms at birth. Doctors and parents alike thought that the little one won’t pull through. But a few months later, now weighing 2.3 kilos, she’s on her way to be discharged from Jivanta Children’s Hospital NICU in Rajasthan. She has been named Manushi, after Manushi Chillar, Miss World 2017.

The cause of the child’s unnaturally low body weight was the complications her mother Seeta, 48, went through at the time of the delivery. According to reports in Dailystar, the mother was suffering from high blood pressure during the time of pregnancy. Ultrasound results showed that the blood flow to the embryo was cut off, which interfered with the foetal development.  The doctors then performed an emergency C-section and saved the baby in the nick of time.

Unfortunately, Manushi was very tiny and was struggling for breath at the time of her birth. Since she was born prematurely, her lungs, heart, brain and kidneys were underdeveloped. and her skin was paper thin. What makes her case particularly awe inspiring is that the child was had only a 0.5 percent of surviving. But today she made it and is in the pink of health, all thanks to the medical care she received.

Since the child’s parents were poor, the hospital also waived off the medical costs of Rs. 1 lakh incurred during the course of her treatment. Being just 8.6 inches long, Manushi may be the smallest surviving baby in Asia. She has now been discharged from the hospital and is believed to be developing normally.